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How are you holding up during these super stressful times?


Life can seem tricky and overwhelming these days and requires courage and adaptability! I welcome people from all walks of life, ages and challenges. With many years of experience as a psychotherapist life & executive coach, I am passionate to help people overcome mental health issues and impasses to find a healthy, happy and powerful version of themselves.


Quite a few of my clients work in the busy tech/start-up industry. They are driven and accomplished and know what they want but may suffer from burn-out, mental health challenges, or addictions of sorts.

As a solution-focused therapist, I combine evidence-based therapies (scientifically proven to work), neuroscience (insights from brain studies) with somatic approaches (body and mind integration) to help you get un-stuck. My clients like that I combine therapy and coaching to help them understand and overcome their issues creatively and goal-oriented.

My style is tailored to my clients' specific situations and goals. Sometimes, people ask me to be a listener; other times they look for more structure and feedback. I hope to inspire well-being in a warm, positive, fun (why not) and engaging environment. I look forward to helping you experience the change that you envision!

Child Psychologist
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